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Spacebrew LED Communicator by Gustavo and Bernardo

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Imagine people who live together and like to wait for one another to have dinner… They might be a couple or simply roommates.

Now imagine one or both of them often works late and can’t always make it for dinner.

Our Arduino/Spacebrew application creates a realtime communication between these people. The person working late has access to a website running spacebrew JS that has a slider.

This person can then use this slider to tell how late they’re going to be. Green is for “I’ll be early, please wait!”. Yellow is “I’ll be home around dinner time” and red is “I’ll be late… I’d love you to wait but I understand if you can’t”.

The arduino side has 2 buttons. One is for “No problem, I’ll wait for you”, the red one is “I’ll probably be in bed by the time you’re home”. These buttons change the color of the background in the website, so the person using the phone is aware of the answer.

The communication is done in the following manner:

Our little demo video:

Code is available at:

Bernardo’s portfolio