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How to make an awesome brownie

My mom just loves this animation I did on her brownie recipe. Since I deleted from my portfolio, I will post here for her.
Xoxo, mom!

This project was an PARSONS MFA+Dt bootcamp exercise and the objective was to create a HOW TO animatics. I did it in only 2 days and I had very little experience with AfterEffects. Please, enjoy!

Face recognition

I was playing with Face recognition using OFX on my first thesis semester for Parsons MFA D+T. I will talk more about this later, in the meanwhile take a look on the result I got after tweaking Robert Twomey’s sketch.

This was my first time getting this to work, later on I manage to create a confidence method that made it a little more accurate and less jumpy. And as you can see my mom on the picture matches mine, so I guess it can get pretty accurate. ;p

Some of Robert Twomey’s projects:

3D Profile pictures

The thesis design committee, which I make part, decided that each student would have a 3d picture on their profile page for our thesis show website. We scanned over 70 people in 2 days using a kinect and a software called Skanect. It’s going to look awesome!

This is how my scan looks like…

PlayTech @ MFA+DT Parsons

This weekend I showcased my FastFood game (you can find it here) @ Parson’s PlayTech event and it was really good. This project is still under development but it was a great place to playtest. Take a look on the instagram video of my experience during playtech.

PLAYTECH  is a Design & Technology event where  undergraduate and graduate students present their projects to youth enrolled in the Parsons Pre-College Academy program and other visiting youth from various New York organizations.

Algo assignments

These are some assignments I did for Algorithm Animations class with Charlie Whitney. We mainly used Openframeworks to apply some mathematical concepts generating some animations, interactions and even some still images. I tried to focus on the aesthetic of each animation and I think got some pretty looking results. I posted some results on my personal instagram account:

John Whitney assignment

Particles: attraction vs. repulsion

Particles: attraction vs. repulsion

You can find the code in my github account, HERE

SxSW (privacy, activism, change

For coreLabs students, what I’ve learn from SxSW and some projects that talk about privacy:
10-things-we-learned from SxSW

KYLE MCDONALD has done a lot of project related to privacy.

HEATHER DEWEY-HAGBORG and her project 3d printed faces and her portfolio.

PAOLO CIRIO’s project Face to Facebook is a great example of what your private information being used in a different context which you don’t have any control of. And here is his portfolio.



AARON SWARTZ was an important Internet activist and his documentary was launched during the conference.Here is the trailer.

Next Round

Another Spacebrew assignment in collaboration with Bernardo Schorr and Stephanie Burgess.

The idea of this project is that bars and/or restaurants would be able to keep track of their customer’s drinking behavior. If the customer’s glass is about to get empty, waiters can fill them up or suggest another drink. The product is based on a coaster with a Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) under it, that sends data to a display of LEDs and speakers that receive the data and make noise to alert the waiters. It also avoids waiters coming over to check if “everything is alright”.

There is instructions on github: Next Round Tutorial. The “Readme” file and our thoroughly commented sketches will allow you to re-create this yourself! 

Spacebrew LED Communicator by Gustavo and Bernardo

Original post
Imagine people who live together and like to wait for one another to have dinner… They might be a couple or simply roommates.

Now imagine one or both of them often works late and can’t always make it for dinner.

Our Arduino/Spacebrew application creates a realtime communication between these people. The person working late has access to a website running spacebrew JS that has a slider.

This person can then use this slider to tell how late they’re going to be. Green is for “I’ll be early, please wait!”. Yellow is “I’ll be home around dinner time” and red is “I’ll be late… I’d love you to wait but I understand if you can’t”.

The arduino side has 2 buttons. One is for “No problem, I’ll wait for you”, the red one is “I’ll probably be in bed by the time you’re home”. These buttons change the color of the background in the website, so the person using the phone is aware of the answer.

The communication is done in the following manner:

Our little demo video:

Code is available at:

Bernardo’s portfolio